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Skidzo (1984)
Solar Death (1984)
An Acquired Taste (1984)
Alderks (1985)
Flying Turtles (1985)
Drawing Pictures (1985)
Alien Radio Waves (1985)
Right In The Crack (1985)
The Power of the Mop (1985)
Not Our Best Effort (1986)
I Believe In It (1986)
Fankus (1986)
Chinese Children (1986)
Blessed Sacrament (1986)
Traumatica (1986)
The Experimental Album (1986)
The Instrumental Album (1987)
Gooze Album (1987)
Kevin's Solo Album (1987)
Jon's Solo Album (1987)
Belief (1988)
The Potpourri (1988)
Tasteless (1988)
Broken Narrative (1989)
Retarded Genius (1990)
Al Phlipped Out (1995)
Kickin' It Old School (1995)
Headcase (1995)
Apophenia (2006)
Anytown, USA (2006)
The Return of the King (2006)
Music to Listen To While Playing 'Downland' On a TRS-80 Color Computer in 1985 (2007)
A Story Told in Flashback (2008)
The Experimental Album II (2008)
The Journeyor (2009)
Digital Memoir (2009)
True Tales of Two-Fisted Romance (2009)
The Experimental Album III (2010)
Al Phlipp Conducts the Woo Team Symphony Orchestra (2010)
Bring In The Logic Probe (2011)

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