"In the Beginning," pronounced Orbit Bisquick, "There was Magical Banana Peel. And the Magical Banana Peel begat the tiny Eekaboka. And the Magical Banana Peel saw, as it exploded, that the Eekaboka was good."

It wasn't so long ago that it all began, with Al Phlipp and the Woo Crew playing in a rock and roll band. Rejecting such traditional forms of music such as punk and bluegrass and singing-on-tune type music, Al Phlipp decided to develop his own musical style: shankabilly. The wide breadth and depth of musical weirdness encompassed by shankabilly is hard to describe. Some say it is even harder to listen to. That having said, be warned: The Raw, Untamed energy of Al was never so vibrant, incoherent, cheesy and atonal as it was in those early, early days. Having been thus informed, if you dare, sample a small slice of prehistoric Al. Don't say you weren't warned.

Remember! To hear any of these audio clips below, you need a helper application that plays .aiff files. Some are pretty big! 28.8 Modems are a good thing.

The Early, Early Music

Woo Team Anthem

Where it all began! After the various members all left their previous garage bands to form the now-legendary ensemble, they knew that this band would be special. As a consequence, they recorded this, the Woo Team Anthem, to celebrate their specialness (not slow, special ) of which you can hear a snippet if you dare.

Eena a Dooma (150k)

These progressive, experimental, under-capitalized rockers often used their unique voices as instruments. This little snippet of Eena a Dooma showcases their unique, improvisational talents. Wow! Gotta listen to it twice.

Yeah, Why Not? (280k)

What a light-hearted look at life! Kevin sings (after a fashion) the lead vocal, while Jon screams. An excellent example of that early Al Phlipp rawness, but just a small portion. Too much has been known to drive men mad.

Poky in Concert (371k)

Because of various animosities between these two creative geniuses, Al Phlipp and Poky rarely performed together. But occasionally, as happened for the first 3 showings of the "Dead Nuns in Drag Tour '85", Poky would open for Al to warm up the crowd with her mellifluous tones. Ah! Poky was in rare form on this night. Pok played the guitar and sang lead.

Ziploc Bag (138k)

Declared to the most innovative song of '85 by many critics (who requested that their anonymity be preserved), ZipLoc Bag was a historic, ground-breaking song that shook the world of Rock & Roll. This clip demonstrated Jon's unique twist on the patented Al Phlipp Vocal Solo. The beauty is something to behold.

Not a Virgin (680k)

A Classic! This never officially released song was copied and bootlegged before the Al Phlipp "Who's That Punk?" tour ever even got off the ground. When the tour fell through, the studio version was shelved and the studio was burned to the ground. Now, here it is (most of it), the copy of the original bootlegged copy of the home demo Jon did in the bathroom at his grandmother's house.

TWA (311k)

Al's political agenda is pretty clear on this one. Take a listen!

Poky Vomit (216k)

What the hell? Don't ask us, man, we don't know what he's talking about.

My Grandson's Gone Off on a Tangent! (121k)

Jon's Grandmother raps to the homeboys about how her Grandson keeps going off on a tangent! But she knows how to take care of him.

I'm Gonna Kill Everybody! (249k)

Kevin again shows his warmth and love of all humanity! A heart-warming song.

My Sammy Girl (517k)

Jon's Innovative spoken-word rap-like interlude wowed the critics and dumbfounded the masses. Words fail us, so we recommend that you just take a listen, if you think you can stand it.

Oowee-Oowee-oo (88k)

The ground-breaking track was the first to feature the now-famous Al Phlipp Oowee-Oowee-oo singers! Wow. Now that's talent!

This is Your Grandmother, Dear (67k)

Well, okay, this isn't actually music. But this rare clip (from Al Phlipp's "Solar Death" album) demonstrates the range of Al Phlipp! Not only is he a talented rock musician, but a caring grandmother as well. Very short! Take a listen.

Old Man Speaks

Al Phlipp rocks! But don't take our word for it­listen to what this old man has to say about it!

Hominy Punkus Speaks

Al Phlipp rocks! But don't take our word for it­listen to what international sex-symbol Hominy Punkus has to say about it!

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