"After All," explains Anglo Saxon in retrospect, "Al did have a point. Just the fact his name was included in the band title kind of meant that we was part of the band, whether or not he played or sang on a given album or not. Is the drummer not part of the band because he doesn't sing? No. I think that pretty much sums it up. When you think of it, I was kind of a member of the band. And so were you. And so was that beaver."

As the years wore on, it was difficult for the original Woo team to get together and record weird music. "They" were hunting down Chris Phipps, Jon Taylor had been kidnapped by his sister and trapped under the refrigerator, and Kevin could barely scrape together the money to buy a scraper to scrape the money off his shoes so he could buy tapes for the band. And Al was frequently adbuducted by aliens who merely wanted to play cards, but that never-the-less interfered with his music making time. But somehow, sometimes, when Jon could escape, the two would get together again and make beautiful music. Now and then, the mysterious Al Phlipp appeared to belch or drool on the microphone. Here's a few samples of some of it.

Remember! To hear any of these audio clips below, you need a helper application that plays .aiff files. Some are pretty big! 28.8 Modems are a good thing.

The Later Music

Ned Was a Terminally Happy Guy (208k)

How happy was Ned? Well, now you can find out. Take a listen to make yourself as happy, but not dead, as Ned.Jon "You wish you were Jon Taylor" Taylor sings lead while Kevin plays the historic Bontempe Organ.

Koo Koo (1345k)

Has the oppressive nature of the planet, working for a living, and social responsibility made life something akin to consuming a gray, tasteless paste 24 hours a day? There is a solution, and Al share's it with you on this song. This one is long, but worth it if you desire Knowledge of the Great Truth.

Evil Hair (568k)

The angst & styling mousse ridden 80s gave rise to this tune about the questionable transposition of personal identity issues and good hygiene. Kev distorts the synth thing while Jon expounds upon the lyric.

Geek (567k)

The seminal Geek/misfit anthem, "Geek" can be uplifting and inspiring as well as explanatory. Well worth the download if you've ever struggled with "being different", which, of course you must have, since you are here right now. Kevin plays synth and sings lead, Jon provides the backing vocal, while Al hits a bongo and screams "Ptwaif!" But you don't hear that part.

Bad Dance Movie (594k)

Who doesn't like a bad dance movie? Most people, as it turns out, which is the only thing that can possibly explain why this otherwise perfect song didn't tear up the charts. Kevin sings with Dristy Anomally as Jon and Al hit things in another room with a hammer to add "ambience".

Don't Give a S**t About You (594k)

Oh dear lord, profanity! Keep your children away! Mild profanity, actually, which is pretty standard for Al. It is a touching love song, of which you hear the entire Show-Stopping bridge and a fair amount of the chorus. You must listen! It will change your life.

Hot Dog Fishy Boy (214k)

Not a crucial listen except to the hardcore Al Phlipp fan, but just a snippet of a song with some of the most classic lyrics in history. Jon sings lead and backing vocals, Kev plays classic vintage synths and garbles the chorus, but you don't hear that on this snippet.

Fat, Fat (What's Wrong with That?) (214k)

A psycho-metaphorical meandering self-deprecating musical oddysey, of which you can hear a snippet. Al plays the overly-processed Casio Cheesebox 3000 while Kevin lays down the lyrical groove. Not abnormally strange for Al, but little, yellow, different. It's all in this little pill! Well, anyway, listen . . . if you dare.

Technology (540k)

An unusually serious but traditionally depressing Al Phlipp song written in an unusual and completely contradictory spasm of social responsibility that, thankfully, went away very rapidly. However, Al declared the song was "trippy sounding. It makes my head expand" and that it sounded tremendous when combined with illicit mind-destroying toxins, such as pizza and Charleston Chew. Thus, a snippet was excised from the archives and slathered upon our page with cheesy indulgence. Click upon it, and listen now.

Toaster (540k)

Not so serious. Deeply throated Fruedian analysis of toaster/human relations.

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