"Well, anyhows," explains noted Al Phlipp scholar and post-contemporary existentialist, Esso Horney, "towards the end it was pretty obvious it was all over, at least for the near future. And it made sense. Although Chris Phipps and Tommy Martin and Daimon Purdy and the rest of them had only been on haitus from the band for about a year and a half, they had already made nearly 20 90 minute albums. And it was clear Jon had other things to worry about. That, combined with growing tensions between the two since the 'Tape Incident', where Kevin ripped apart an Al Phlipp tape in a fit of pretty much inexcusable creative manipulation, (and not, as he still claims, to see what was inside) . . . well, it all spelled the end for the time of Al Phlipp. In a rambling, incoherent, existential way, you see. Yes."

Towards the end, things got pretty grim for the grotesque pair of musical geniuses. Jon, whose creative brilliance was misunderstood by the establishment, was apparently never going to graduate from high school. That was, until he was kidnapped and put on a boat for Jamaica. But even before then, he had been routinely confined to his house by the authorities, and no music making was possible for the duo. Some of the music Kevin did by himself after Jon disappeared was not exactly Al Phlipp material, including such nostalgic pap as "The Ballad of Al Phlipp" and "When we was Fank", which, fortunately, was never released to the general public.

Although searching desperately for the missing Jon Taylor, Kevin did have to go to college and get a degree, then, and that took up even more of his time, and Al Phlipp and the Woo Team floundered. Jon, who had been put to work scraping barnacles off of boats in the south seas had no time for music whatsoever. It didn't look good.

Jon's enlightened state of Phlippness was known to cause swooning and nausea amongst the normal population. Here is Michelle Huey, nauseously swooning, as Jon communicated enlightened Phlippdom through special hand-signals.

As luck would have it, Jon developed an ingenious plan which he used to escape his evil captors, and swam back to the United States and then up the Mississippi river back to Memphis. Upon hitting dry land, Jon immediately called Kevin from the Lakeview Gro, and they went to drink Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Flavored drink and eat Chili-Cheese Big-uns to celebrate. Over this meeting, they developed the concept for and wrote many of the songs that would eventually appear on one of the last Al Phlipp albums, Retarded Genius.

Using a large swiss cheese as a writing tablet, Jon concepted such songs as "Ned was a Terminally Happy Guy" and "Mandy was a Brain" right on the spot. Although more polished than early Al Phlipp work, and panned by alternative music critics as a sell-out or, at the very least, not "True Phlipp" due to the higher production values, Retarded Genius enjoyed the highest circulation of any Al Phlipp album.

A fundamental part of the Al doctrine was the belief in the letters "i" and "t "

Recently, in 1995, Jon Taylor and Christian Phipps created a new Al Phlipp album with the most ancient of Al Phlipp production values, and the result was surely as raw and as fresh as any of the earliest Al Phlipp. Most songs were played live and made up on the spot and the cover-tunes were, as is true with most Al Phlipp covers, the final word on the subject. While not generally released, several bootlegs are now floating around.

Due to the constraints imposed on the members of Al Phlipp by marriage and career and other good stuff, Al Phlipp is not currently recording and has no set recording schedule. Plans are in the works, however, to change all this.

Although not actively recording or touring, Al Phlipp and the Woo Team has never officially broken up.

As of January 1996, plans for digitally remastering a number of classic Al Phlipp tunes, and then releasing them for purchase to the general public, were agreed upon. Thus came "Al Phlipped Out", available on cassette only, which you may now order from here.

As she feared, Kevin had used his Kodak Disc camera to capture Stacey's soul and trap it in a crystal sphere! Fortunately, Jon found out through an alien broadcast to his fillings, and convinced Kevin to return Stacey's soul to her the next day (also under the guise of taking her picture), which left Kevin with lots of pictures and Stacey with her soul intact. It was a win-win solution!

Finally, Al Phlipp & the Woo Team set up a presence on the Internet in order to spread the word, further the cause of Al Phlipp, and get snippets of Phlipp music a little more global exposure.

The long-term goal for the Al Phlipp & the Woo Team Web site is to make Al Phlipp, Inc., a self-sustaining and self-funding entity that can be used to pay for the production of new music, perhaps including some tours, the production of videos, and the purchase of fresh mayonnaise.

This will be done through the marketing of digital audio files directly on the Internet (real cheap!), the selling of tapes (such as "Al Phlipped Out"), the selling of advertising to other really weird and/or cutting edge companies and people, the eventual marketing of Al Phlipp T-shirts and coffee mugs (we promise, it will happen) and also, donations will be accepted. For more information on purchasing advertising space on this Website (we get like 10 or 12 hits a day, buddy; it's worth it to you), or just to give us money so we can continue to be inexpressibly weird for no clear reason, email the Webmaster, who will be sitting in the Webmaster chair and wearing his giant official Webmaster hat and just waiting to answer your email.

However, due to the adolescent stage at which the Al Phlipp experience began, there is one more chapter.

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