A History,

A Compendium,

A Discography

and always

a brilliant white truth.

Chapter One: In the Beginning
Chapter Two: In the Middle
Chapter Three: That Was the Controversy
Chapter Four: All the People Say
Chapter Five: On Hiatus
Chapter Six: The Girls of Al Phlipp

Al Phlipp Is:

Jon Taylor

Jon demonstrates his creative process in action.

Kevin Willis

A picture of Kevin's head.

Chris Phipps

Creative genius Chris Phipps sobers up after extended poetry-writing session.

Like all great happenings, the actual origin of Al Phlipp is shrouded in mystery. Who was he? Where was he? Why did he smell so bad? What was this thing he had for Lee Ann, and why'd he keep telling her that JuJu said he was slippy? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain: there'll never be anything quite like Al Phlipp again. Of course, some people think that's great, but then, this presence, this happening, isn't for those people. This place is for you.

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