arch for weird music, strange music, bizarre music (or really bizarre music, or even really, really bizarre music) or any combination thereof that would suggest that weird, strange, bizarre, freakish, or alternative music, musicians, and other things of a musical nature was the searcher's focus. Now why is this? Because Al knows Al is alternative. Al knows Al is weird. In fact, Al knows Al isn't for everybody. In fact, Al Phlipp music is mostly for a select few. Mainstream marketing and traditional channels would not get Al to those few who would appreciate him the most. But a passive, search specific, easy-to-go-to-the-next-thing-if-this-one-sucks type of medium just might. So it is central to Al's mission that everyone out there who wants weird music, wants strange music, wants odd music, wants alternative music, or just wants something weird, odd, and goofy, would hit the Al Phlipp site at least once. Because Al knows: if they belong, and they hit it once, it'll stick to their face.

Is Al weird enough? Too Weird? Too odd, too strange, too verbose? Is there enough music? Too much music? Not enough music? Is the name "Al Phlipp & the Woo Team" just too odd and strange, period? Well, tell me what you think! Tell me you've been here! Don't leave without saying goodbye!

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