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Someone Found This Page and Submitted a Link! So, go there:

Hiya!!! Here's another link for your weird music page! the URL is it is run by my friend sen045, and the site contains lots of weird (but neat) music, and other stuff, like the "sen045 features..." part, where sen045 presents yuong, talanted (?) musicians sharing their to-be hit songs with the rest of the world. The site is under construction, and not all material is on english yet, but CHECK IT OUT!!! It is almost as cool as your page!!!!!!!

As for the rest of it . . .

Al's All-Purpose List of Approved Musical Artist

The following is a list sites inspected and deemed tolerable by Al. If you are looking for a more comprehensive list, why not try one of these tremendous Web resources:

Artist Specific Sites Page at the University of Indiana
American Music Information Source Guide
Son of Spamm (a great alternative music webzine)
World Wired Productions Music Page

Abba ( ** Currently Broken **
Alphaville (
Tori Amos (
Laurie Anderson (
Bjork (
David Bowie (
Buggles (
Kate Bush (
Clash (
Dead Can Dance (
Thomas Dolby (official) (
Thomas Dolby (
Brian Eno (
Peter Gabriel (
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi (
Nine Inch Nails (
Legendary Pink Dots (
Yello (
Frank Zappa (

The Weird Unknown

Fascinating Musical Artists You Probably Haven't Heard of . . . Yet

The Pousks ( More evidence that Al was right. Most true musical genius comes from the inspiration provided by Alien radiowaves broadcast to musician's dental work . . . Or, as in the case of The Pousks, directly from the aliens themselves.

Tiny Monsters ( What a tremendous group. Imminently strange, and with all the important things--band info and egregious .wav files ready to download. Go sample some of the sounds.

You Gotta Try:

They Might Be Giants. What would life be without them? And of course, they have more than one link. Make sure to try They Might Be Giants (

The Fractal Music Site: An excellent resource for odd experimentation in music, and odd transpositions of music and physics. For even more great stuff in that vein, be sure to check out Dr. Fiorella Terenzi (Also check out who has a wonderfully interesting body of work, and has also done some great stuff with Thomas Dolby.

We haven't included any of your favorites? Well, then what you probably want is The Ultimate Band List. Give them a try. If they aren't there, why don't you just search for them or something like them on Alta Vista at Digital, the most powerful search engine on the planet.

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