1. Sweet Sister Kate (sweetkate.wav) 699k
 2. My Big Fat Friend (fatfriend.wav) 699k
 3. The Doctor (doctor.wav) 1.1 MB
 4. The Arwen God (arwengod.wav) 1.2 MB
 5. Sweet Abomination (abomin.wav) 2.2 MB
 6. Sweet Sickly Sister (sicksis.wav) 1.7
 7. This Isn't Love (notlove.wav) 2 MB
 8. Sweet Sixteen (sixteen.wav) 1.1 MB


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Check out a lo-fi sampling of Al's Latest Work! Many of these tunes were mixed down in the last few months, a few of them just last week. This is truly what the masses have been clamoring for! Smoking fresh Al on a plate! With all your wishes finally satisfied, click, take a listen, and we hope you have a high-speed connection, as some of these are kind of big.


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