That's Right, this is the Place to Be to order Some Fresh Al Phlipp, served up hot and steamy and sticky, right on your plate! We are currently unable to do credit card transactions (although that will come at some point), however, if you want some Al, all you need to do is mail your check or money order to:

Al Phlipp & The Woo Team
c/o Kevin Willis/Al Phlipped out Vol 1
3674 Canada Road
Lakeland, TN 38002

Please make Check or Money Order Payable to Kevin S. Willis.

And please include the address it is to be delivered to inside the envelope with your check or money order. And we can tell the difference between real money and play money now--you guys aren't pulling that one on us again.

Although this operation is currently not-for-profit, you still can't deduct the purchase of classic Al Phlipp on your tax returns. The inequity of it all!

Allow a few weeks for delivery. Don't send cash in the mail. All that good stuff.


Price: $10.00 per 60 Minute Tape (A Bargain)

The Next Tape, "Al Phlipped Out Vol. II" will be available in August or thereabouts.

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