Al Phlipp is: Jon Taylor, Kevin Willis, Christian Phipps, and numerous others who refuse to be named.

Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor works at Big Star, drinks Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Flavored Drink, owns a small pet gorilla masquerading as a dog, and lives with a woman sometimes referred to as "Large Marge". Says Jon about his life up this point. "I shoulda hopped the Roman boat to Palookaland when I had the pants."

Favorite Al Phlipp songs of all time: "Big Dress Betty" and "Baby Cakes"
Kevin Willis
Kevin Willis lives in a house, is married to a woman, drinks glass of Pepsi (Kevin wants it), and works as a designer of packages and other things in a firm of design and stuff. He has two weiner dogs, about which he frequently composes songs. Says Kevin about his life up to this point: "It's like a rememberance of the hospital days."
Favorite Al Phlipp songs this week: "Trampoline Girl" and "Sh*t Colored Glasses"

Chris Phipps
Chris Phipps can't tell anyone where he lives (they're after him) or what he does for a living, or where he's been for the past 15 years. Chris says of his life up to this point. "I just called to tell you that juju said he was slippy."
Favorite Al Phlipp Song 5 years Ago: "Tehran Is So Stanky"

The Others . . .
There were so many. Her, and then him. My goodness! How can we ever thank them all? Tim and Don and Pointless Hobo and Zippy Dack and the E woman and Daemon and Alan and there was Wharf and Pok and big-fat-Pok-dad and Crystal and Tommy and Arwen and Fangman and fat-lip Mark and Steve Taylor, Bobby "Big Bob" Wilkins (who mostly sat and stared), death factory. Zoinkers! It seems like that's only the beginning! Say they all collectively of their Al Phlipp experience, "I thought you guys were dead."

Their collective favorite Al Phlipp Song: "Ain't Got Sh*t"

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