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Al's Personal List of What's Weird on the Web

Cool!   The Church of the SubGenius Online!
Al's Most Recommended Link of Weirdness until Further Notice. Check Out the Brain Toolkit and Surreality Reboot that provides for hours of Pornological Dementertainment -- It's Better Than Life! Don't wait! Start now enjoying the power of World Wide Slack! And order some stuff from the best online catalog ever. Go Now!
Addicted to Stuff
Recommended to me by Hilly-Bob, whose own site (and that of her friends) you can check out at http://www.yall.com. Tremendous source of interesting stuff. Be sure to check out the Similarities Engine. It is a great service to humanity. The Al Phlipp Web Site Review Oversite Committee has checked this site out, and pronounced it acceptably loaded with strangeness.
Relax. Sit back. Experience the cows. Another moment of Zen.
Weird Weirdness
Plenty of good links and stuff! Check 'em out! And how can you resist a name like "Weird Weirdness?" Well, you can't, or you wouldn't be here in the first place.
The Kooks Museum
Now, this is a good thing. If you're looking for Weirdness on the Web and you haven't been here yet, you have to go. It's a wonderful place.

The Bitstream Undernet (This is Random Noise)
Good, solid, 100% wholesome American weirdness. Pleanty of good stuff and sounds and things better experienced than described. Check out the background patterns; they've got some good ones.
World Wired Productions Music Page
While weird isn't the word (it's a fairly mainstream site) this is still an excellent location for music news and info, with chat rooms, message areas, and lots of multimedia to experience along the way.
The Pousks (the link is up and working again)
More evidence that musical inspiration comes from the benevolent aliens that guide, to some extent, all happenings on our planet, here come The Pousks, who are apparently renegade aliens that would like to express themselves more directly.

Son of Spamm
You can't resist the strangeness. A perfect Al Phlipp link, son of Spamm is a plenty strange (and cynically funny) webzine with lotsa lotsa music, and some awesome graphics. Indeed, this is how websites should be done. Check it out!
Weird Links
More weird links than we've even had time to explore, so they are not Al Phlipp Certified, but give it a look, anyway.

These following contributions were recommended to us by Steve Cox, whose own page can be found at http://wspice.com/sig/scox. Check him out, particularly if your into Todd Rundgren.

News of the Weird
If you would like some proof that not only are you not alone, you're really not even weird, check here. Text-based and visually unstimulating as of 12/8/95, and stories you find will fascinate you.

Timothy Leary's Home Page
What? You want a description? Just read the title again. I think that tells you all you need to know. Take a look at his daily drug dosage, and ponder how he remained alive as long as he did. Disappointingly, the on-line suicide never came to be.

Vomitus Maximus Museum
Unquestionably strange and popular, Vomitus Maximus is filled with unique and challenging art to expand your mental horizons.

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator
This guy is famous, even! This page is in the top 5% of all Web Sites! You put in a name, a sex, and number of paragraphs, and it does the rest. Most of the letters make about as much sense as any complaint letter I've read.

EVIL Little Brother Excuse Generator
All in good fun. Another story auto-generator. You supply some good words, and it does the rest. Something fun to do with a companion, the results can be downright hilarious. Ha. Ha. It's just one part of Fellowbug's Laboratory, which is pretty darned strange itself.

Okay, yes, we've all seen things like this before. But some of the insults are truly inspired, and some are just down right freaky. An appropriate page, for someone like you.

Automatic PostModern Thesis Generator
This is weird. There is no question about that. Hit it a couple of times, and see if you can figure out what's going on. There's a lot of other cool stuff there now, too.

The First Online Church of "Bob"
How can you look for Weirdness on the Web without somehow ending up at some time at the First Online Church of Bob. While it certainly doesn't measure up to the First Book of Bob (The Book of the Subgenius), you can't pass it by. It's the principle of the thing.

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